1. Investment offer

We have unique knowledge of the distressed assets available in the bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. Our portfolio includes both real estate and enterprises as well as the other assets offered at the price that makes them attractive for potential investors.

2. Information memorandum

We prepare an information memorandum presenting the key features of the relevant assets and the investment therein.

3. Designing the optional transaction structure

Together with the investor we arrive at the best transaction structure taking into consideration the specific nature of the individual proceedings. The transaction scenario ensures the secure, effective and quick implementation of the adopted business assumptions.

4. Transaction management

We assist investors at each transaction phase. We provide professional support and offer our expertise to investors, ensuring security and comfort throughout the entire project i.e. from selecting the assets to their final acquisition.

5. Transaction closing

We support investors in negotiating the terms and conditions of each transaction as well as the transaction documents and make them aware of the inherent risks.