Our distinctive qualities

Knowledge is far more than just information

What distinguishes us from our competitors?

We are a one-stop shop for our clients offering them our long-term experience in advising on local and cross-border projects, managing the bankruptcy estates, restructuring advice, enterprise valuation as well as banking and advising on financial risks management.

Our expertise allows us to provide each of our clients with comprehensive assistance at each investment phase.

Our team has the relevant resources and the necessary experience allowing us to fully understand the nature of investing in the distressed assets of an insolvent entity, an entity threatened by insolvency or an entity in restructuring.

We guarantee the swift and efficient progress of the project work as well as the practical and effective solutions developed in the course of advising on a project.

We are free from any influences and affiliations. We satisfy all the independence criteria and therefore we are able to work on all aspects of any project including, without limitation, project management, interpretation of the applicable laws and regulations, project valuation, assessment of the risks inherent in the intended investment or the effectiveness of the adopted solutions

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