Invest with us in the distressed assets

Our mission

Each business project is different and making the decision to invest in the distressed assets of an insolvent entity, an entity threatened by insolvency or an entity in restructuring is a specific challenge.

The prospect of earning a more-than-average rate of return is the obvious starting point. However, the potential scale and extent of the difficulties may push an investor to abandon its adopted business concept.

What are the factors that drive the investors away from such investments? No access to information? Unfamiliarity with the applicable regulations? Distrust of the other investment partners? Or maybe insufficient funds to finance the project?

We are a modern consulting firm offering our clients the effective, comfortable and secure investments. We shall guide you through the entire process from identifying a business opportunity to the successful closing.

We have unique local knowledge of the assets our clients may effectively and safely invest into.

We offer comprehensive services while ensuring the top standards.